Bodyworks of tow car types for transportation of vehicles

The characteristics of bodyworks of tow car types for transportation of vehicles

  • steel and aluminium tow car structure,
  • on the floor on the sides, aluminium openwork sheet metal which allows for fastening of wheel locks,
  • in the central part, the floor is lined with corrugated sheet metal,
  • in the rear part there are two aluminium manually slideable drive-on platforms,
  • a steel varnished railing in the front,
  • a winch with fastening,
  • a ball hook by the rear bumper,
  • additional ball hook in the front part for the purposes of connecting the trailer,
  • diode side mark lights,
  • a tool box,
  • wheel house shells made of plastics with anti-splashing aprons,
  • lateral aluminium covers,
  • halogen lamps – 2 pieces fixed on the roof railing,

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