We assure complex manufacturing of tarpaulins of the highest quality materials. We manufacture tarpaulins dedicated for truck and van bodies. We have been specializing in it for over 25 years.

For the production of tarpaulins we use high quality PVC material - bilaterally varnished of Mehler Haku company.

Depending on the requirements and intended use, we offer materials of various widths and densities.

Our company offers:

  • customs-complaint tarpaulins
  • curtain tarpaulins
  • curtain tarpaulins with a sideboard
  • tarpaulins with Rollfix system
  • tarpaulins with the spring winding up system
  • covers
  • accessories for tarpaulins of national and foreign manufacturers
  • tarpaulin repair
  • tent covers
  • advertising graphics
  • advertising banners and boards 

Available colour scheme

white 907 RAL-9010
yellow 119
yellow 168 RAL-1018
orange 244 RAL-2004
red 370 RAL-3002
beige 123 RAL-1014
blue 537 RAL-5010
blue 543
navy blue 566 RAL-5013
azure 581 RAL-5015
green and yellow 619 RAL-6018
green 636 RAL-6029
green 682 RAL-6028
grey 705
grey 796
grey 763 RAL-7037
silver 911 RAL-9006
black 905 RAL-9005
Registered office

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna
62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
tel./fax. (061) 813-54-94
fax. (061) 89-85-485

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