Making our brand

Over 25 years of experience in manufacturing of bodyworks, competent personnel, the most modern production technologies, proven and durable materials as well as innovative technological and production back-up make us the leader in the industry.

Due to long-term experience and professional and suitably prepared personnel we guarantee the highest quality of our services and products. 

The fact is confirmed by continuously growing number of satisfied Customers and companies which we cooperate with: 

We offer our Customers free vehicle delivery to the Dealer. 

Suitably secured vehicles are transported by specialized means to the specified address.



as a standard for all bodyworks

We have a large production potential at our disposal which makes it possible to realize every order in terms of bodyworks and trailers manufacturing.

We realize the orders in a complex way with the highest care
about details and quality.

We have a certified quality management system which
 conforms to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We have a specially trained team of engineers and constructors who supervise the whole realization process. 

Due to it our products conform to the customers' expectations as well as restrictive regulations related to entering the bodied vehicles into service.
The orders realized by us do not require having car chassis at our disposal.

Apart from the realization of the given bodywork we also provide services in terms of advertising graphics.

The graphics is prepared based on our ideas or a specific project supplied by the Customer.
Due to the application of the highest quality materials, the advertisements which we place on the bodyworks characterize with long-term durability.

Registered office

P.P.U.H. PLANDEX - Spółka Jawna
62-060 STĘSZEW
ul. Bukowska 3
tel./fax. (061) 813-54-94
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