12.11.2019Family Companies Forum 2019

We are pleased to announce that Forbes Family Companies Forum 2019 has awarded us as a company of distinction.

18.10.201925 refrigerated truck bodies

Transgourmet, owner of the Selgros chain, has trusted us once again by ordering 25 refrigerated multi temperature truck bodies. We’re thankful for their trust and cooperation.

12.09.2019Bodywork with forklift truck adaptation

We are proud to have completed a truck with trailer that is capable of handling and transporting over-sized loads such as forklifts.

10.06.2019Custom bodywork

Another unique customer order completed.  The truck bodywork is equipped with a moving tarpaulin system on the right side.  This system is perfect for fast loading and unloading. Additionally, the truck body includes protection for the cargo along a closing track body and loading platform.The fin...

30.05.2019Specialist bodywork

One of our recent innovations for our customers in the construction industry has been realized. Specialist isothermal bodywork with internal divisions together with swap bodywork system on 4 axles.


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